When the Promoter is Sarkaari

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We need to see the contex in which they got derated. One its govt promoter other is bear market. I dont think its right to blame on govt alone and also more people are moving away from psu stocks because many are making people fear about govt stocks, even when there is absolute value. Many good stocks are trading around 5 pe with 5% div yield. They may not deserve 20 pe but are not even worth 10 pe considering zero CG issues? While stocks like BEML, NBCC, BHEL, dredging corp, engineers india etc are trading at 20 to 50x earnings depending on anchor investors, stocks like irocn(400cr cash, 1000cr investment in shopping complex, bot assets trading at 1x book value, 6.5x earnings, zero debt, 3600cr market cap, 10x orderbook), BEL at 10 pe etc are largely ignored either because of perception, no big investor to prop them up

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