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Chanda Kochhar: You are Fired

Sad to see the fall of an icon.

Source: Exchange Filings of ICICI Bank Ltd

2 replies on “Chanda Kochhar: You are Fired”

What a fall of disgrace from the height of one of the most successful women CEO of a very large bank (holding high esteem and respect in the fraternity for her dynamism and aggressiveness) to a position of being fired/terminated by the bank and clawback of all earlier bonuses paid, etc. It is of course, not the money involved but the shame of end of the illustrious career.
I think the price is paid because of, of-late arrogance of Chanda Kochar and of course the mentorship and training of K.V. Kamath also in the process – a person who never cared for all the ‘qualification/remarks by the auditors with same aggression and arrogance but of course, a much soft spoken and visible mild mannered person.

Why sad? She is a thief who was protected by a corrupt board and was finally outed by an outstanding judge with impeccable integrity. Shouldn’t you be rejoicing as a market participant?

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