Eat,Drink & Create Jobs

Source: Pankaj Tibrewal

One reply on “Eat,Drink & Create Jobs”

Is this explanation not similar to what NaMo told about ‘pakoda’ seller on the road. Or worse still, we hear that Reliance Retail has created so much job while employing a vast army of employees in their retail store. It is all humbug and nonsense. These very people were earlier working as hawkers, subji-wallahs, small time retailers in every nook and corner of this vast country including lakhs of villages and paan-wallah, etc. These people have been displaced of their job/business by the likes of Reliance Retail and now the same people are being employed there. So effectively, there is no job or employment generation. This can be seen from all government data on jobs and employment. And this is the curse of this ‘transformation’ of the economy. Losing job there and getting somewhere else.

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