HSIL : Maja Ni Life

Hat Tip: U Patel

Interesting to see HSIL owns super expensive cars. 

Bentley Bentayga costs around 4 Cr+.

HSIL had  net profits of 4.67 Cr for the Sept 2018 Quarter.

What a pleasurable way to allocate capital !

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It is of course an absurd way of capital allocation.
How a Bentley of 2017 make would have a Bharat Stage I as pollution norm meeting requirement. India is already into Bharat Stage IV since, I think, last 3/4 years and from 2020, it will leapfrog directly into Bharat Stage VI.

Is this really fair?

Registration date is May’17 – company had Rs. 31 crs of PAT in Mar’17 and Rs. 12 crs in Jun’17.

Still not ‘efficient’ capital allocation but then promoters will be promoters…

How did you find out which cars a company owns?
Is it in the annual reports? I wish there was a nice service where we could see this.. I would not have invested in this chor company 🙁

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