Munger: How a dumb person can get rich

Source: Neckar Cap

Charlie Munger at 1987 Wesco Annual Meeting

One reply on “Munger: How a dumb person can get rich”

Nice, if someone can just share with with our Govt, PM and downwards.

I had a similar epiphany from a scene in the movie Delhi-6, where (recalling from memory) a mohalla simpleton is called by the local dada every evening to show a tamasha. He keeps a 5 Rs coin on the left hand and 1 Re coin on the right, and the whole mohalla lines up, and he asks the simpleton which is more, left hand or right hand. The simpleton unfailingly says right every time. The whole mohalla laughs at him, the stock of the dad goes up…………and the simpleton gets to keep the 1 Re coin.

One day Abhishek Bachchan, who’s just new to the mohalla, catches the simpleton after this game and asks him if he really does not know which had has more money.

The simpleton replies……..the day I give the correct answer, the game will stop, and so will my earnings!!!!!!!

It pays to be dumb.

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