Rana Kapoor Ki Kimat

Rana Kapoor Ki Kimat tum kya jaano, RBI babu….

Source: IDFC Securities Research

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What kind of institutions we are capable to create?? Yes(-)Rana, ICICI(-)Kamat, HDFC(-)Parekh, HDFCBAnk(Puri)………..????
These guys are master manipulators, once they are gone, stocks are gone too. Most books are cooked.

This is specially true for financial institutions. So even after Dhirubhai, Reliance is still there standing. This American fad for Finance will sink this nation in the near future. Sensex may cross 100000 mark, but right now at 35000, 50% of the population is not having two meals a day. total disconnect with life. Fools paradise…….just making money, and spending it on booze ……….and die one day without knowing full potential of the HUMAN BEING. No talk about mukti, nirvana, moksha…………….just valuation and paper money. Enjoy fools paradise!!!!

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