HDFC AMC: Insiders know best

Today HDFC AMC shares are getting hammered due to SEBI’s decision to cut Mutual Fund management fees.

What is interesting is that the employees probably knew this was coming and sold well in advance.

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People working in the industry or what we may call as “industry insiders” always know in advance what is coming from the government or regulators. It has been in talk for quite a few months, even, in public domain also that SEBI is thinking to rationalize the commission structure payable by AMCs to their distributors.
In nutshell, people in the industry always know in advance. No prizes for guessing on this.

This type of decisions which can effect prices of some particular scripts if taken should be effective not immediately. May be a window of 180 days or more. So everyone one gets the fair chance of taking decisions in time.

the company IPOed recently providing liquidity to management… could be just that they are selling some shares post listing…. no need to see conspiracy theories…

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