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Indian Stock Market Crash Dissected

Source: Prabhudas Lilladher Research Report

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It would have been useful to present another bar chart that showed the %rise of stocks dissected intor Large, Mid and Small. Perhaps the rise in stocks also would be similar, if not greater.

In any case, we must congratulate SEBI for being an obedient follower of the government’s tactics, to show to the world that the big 2 indices (Sensex and Nifty) are bringing back the “India Shining” moments in the election year, albeit at the cost of small investors investing in Small and Mid cap stocks – through its well connived plan to order MFs to exit SCs and MCs (including those quoting below 10 PE) in favour of highly priced, expensive Large Caps covered in Sensex and Nifty. So they are rising, and rising…
How long? I guess the crash from higher levels is more entertaining to watch. Come November.

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