DCW: Price Bada Balwan

Hat Tip: P Shah

Yesterday, DCW had a market moving announcement related to an export order as seen below:

This announcement was broadcast on NSE at around 3:20 pm as seen below:

The announcement was broadcast on BSE at 3:22 pm as seen below:

But the stock price saw a steep jump at around 11:00 am and again at 2:30 pm….well in advance of the Exchange Announcements

Source: Money Control

What should we call this?

Clairvoyance of the markets or something else?

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SEBI Comment: Retail shareholders need to reduce their allocation to equity. We will monitor that. We neither have bandwidth nor the willingness to monitor such manipulative trading.

Sir u can see this in most of stocks
Most of CAs and officials do insider trading at the cost of retail investors.
Why price rise some days before of compare posting very good set if numbers and vice versa?

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