Balaji Telefilms : Reliance Kithe Hain?

I study the Shareholding Patterns very closely for my Investor Wisdom Newsletter.

So you keep finding instances where some details are reported to BSE and not to NSE and vice-versa.

Take for instance, Balaji Telefilms shareholding pattern filing for BSE.

Reliance Industries and AADI are prominent investors in the Company…collectively owning more than 28% of the Company.

This key information is missing from their NSE Exchange Filings.

One reply on “Balaji Telefilms : Reliance Kithe Hain?”

It’s of course a breach of law when an entity reports its shareholding pattern to only one exchange and not to all/others.
And that too, from a RIL associate company (because RIL holds 28% equity in Balaji Telefilms) is unthinkable. Improve Corporate Governance, please.

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