Can you video-record at an AGM?

Source: Clarification by Kesoram Industries

In the last AGM of Kesoram Industries, a minority shareholder made serious allegations against the company.

The same was recorded on a mobile phone and circulated widely on social media.

The Company , in it’s response to the allegations, made the following statement:

The brings forth the Question: Can you video-record at an AGM?

2 replies on “Can you video-record at an AGM?”

In a dispute between two parties, where the complainant alleges wrongdoing in substance, and the defendant alleges wrongdoing in the process of uncovering wrongdoing in substance; you know who is right and who has a better lawyer :))

When the AGMs of companies like RIL are always not only video recorded by persons including media persons and are live streamed on all the business channels, where is the question of illegality in it. It cannot be that only Company can authorise such video recording and then only media/other persons can video record the proceedings.

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