Book Review: Life with GBM Brain Cancer

The Book ‘Life With GBM Brain Cancer-My Story and other Essays’ is written by Satinder Singh, an IT professional based out of London.

Satinder & I studied together and are friends.

Cancer is something that you would think happens to other people…never to your own near and dear ones.

As such, it comes as  a shock to know when a dear one is diagnosed with it.

The Book is divided into two parts-the first part deals with the author’s experience with Cancer…how his happy life came crashing down,his battle with it, his treatments of surgery,chemotherapy and radiotherapy and how against all odds, he survived.

The second part of the Book deals with Cancer as a disease-the treatments involved,Complementary and Alternate Medicines, Attitudes etc

The Book is written in a very easy to read fashion…one can visualize being in Satinder’s foot steps as he confronts the deadly disease.

While reading the Book, one gets the feeling that the author is like a soldier-after being through hell and fighting a vicious foe, he is happy to return home, to be alive and with loved ones.

I found the book to be a very inspiring read and Satinder offers many life lessons that can come only with the clarity of death staring at you.

I would strongly recommend this book to know more about cancer and survival.

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