Subhash Chandra: Never fight with the Ambanis

I was angry with myself for having taken up a fight with the Ambanis. I probably shouldn’t have.

The channel had done an elaborate coverage of how their oil by-products were adulterated. That decision hurt me a lot, which I realised later.

After the dotcom bust, while all stocks took a dive, ours fell disproportionately.  In a normal crash, the price of Zee would have come down from its1,500 peak to about500 or600. But it was down to double digits.

I was devastated.

I still remember the meeting with one of the investors in New York. I broke down. I couldn’t believe that I did so in front of an investor. That was perhaps the lowest point of my life. 

said Subhash Chandra, Chairman Essel Group & Zee

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