Fishy Report on Avanti Feeds

Source: Edelweiss Research on Avanti Feeds

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Hi Raoji,

If you refer to Page 26 of the same report, the difference is clearly explained. The numbers on the first page you pointed out are including minority interest and the numbers on the second page are net of minority interest. I wonder if you would consider this to be fishy…

That’s the problem when you have dubious and cheat kind of analysts/brokerages who just pull out fanciful ppt reports to tempt investors. They even do not have this basic reality check that data on different slides should at least match and should be taken from one single source of data/information.

FINALLY what is the correct picture Sir.

Let us wait till 9 th May 2018. Split and Bonus announcement date.

The bonus ratio will tell us about coming profits in next few years.

truth will prevail .

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