Book Review: Charlie Munger-The Complete Investor

The Book ‘Charlie Munger-The Complete Investor’ is written by Tren Griffin who blogs at 25IQ.Com

I am a huge fan of Charlie Munger and he is one of my biggest intellectual heroes.

As such,I was delighted to read this book which captures the investing essence of Charlie Munger

The Book is not a biography…instead it captures the various quotes. anecdotes and lessons from Charlie Munger’s investing career.

The Book covers the  basics and principles of value investing as practised by Charlie Munger,his famous worldly wisdom and psyschology of human misjudgement as well as the values required to be a great investor.

There is a chapter on Berkshire Hathaway which explains why it succeeded …a source of permanent capital and float being the key ingredients.

The Bibliography section contains a treasure trove of information-one can enhance one’s investing skills just by reading the notes.

Do buy this book if you are a Charlie Munger fan.

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