Domino’s India- Shocking if True

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It is horrendous. The company should come clean on this issue. It is a listed company. FSSAI also should take up the issue with the company.

FSSAI probably does not come into the picture as they are not in the business of selling packaged food. What the government sjould do however is revoke their licence and throw them out of the country. Honestly speaking, our roadside pizza “dhabas” serve far better, tastier and authentic puxxa.

Seems like an old video. This shows Ajay Kaul as Dominos CEO. He left dominos about a year ago.

Who cares about nutrition. Company just wants it’s customers should only look for its trendy Ads, beautifully designed interiors, sweet looking staff and above all it’s eye catching mouth watering combo schemes

What the hell is this?They are earning profits all over the globe and when it comes to developing countries they are not caring for us about the quality and hygiene of the pizza they supply.?We want explanation from dominos.

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