Book Review: The Secret War with Iran

The Book ‘The secret war with Iran’ is written by Ronen Bergman who is considered to be one of the foremost writers on Mossad and Israeli Military Intelligence.

Trump has many times threatened to scrap the US-Iran deal in May. 2018. This can have major implications for the world oil markets since Iran is one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world.

The Book covers the period from 1979-2009 after the Shah of Iran was deposed and the Islamic regime of Ayatollah Khomeini took over.

The Book covers how the Shah was overthrown, how CIA and Mossad tried to sabotage the Iranian Islamic regime, how Iran exported its Iranian revolution abroad,about Iran’s chemical and nuclear programs etc

Some of the facts mentioned in the Book make for startling reading.

For instance, it was very surprising to know that the country which set Iran on the nuclear path was America !They supplied them with nuclear reactors when Shah was still around.

During the Iraq-Iran war, Iran was losing very badly to Saddam Hussein.The country that helped Iran with arms and ammunitions was Israel ! They did so mainly for the money and also to ensure that their Islamic foes are weakened by fighting a prolonged war.

Another astonishing fact is that Iran has very large facilities of Chemicals Weapons of Mass Destruction.They were able to get the raw material,factory blueprints etc from an Israeli who did it for the money.

One aspect in the Book that I found fascinating was that Iran and North Korea use their state currency presses to make master counterfeits of the US Dollar.They have apparently distributed Billions of fake US hundred dollar bills.

The Book covers the Lebanon-Israeli conflict in detail and explains the rise and rise of Hezbollah.The incidents mentioned in the book relating to spies,assassinations,hit jobs,tortures, hostage swapping,air strikes etc make for riveting reading.

There is one India reference in the Book…a Pakistani nuclear scientist applying for political asylum in the US stated that Pakistan intended to launch a peremptory nuclear strike against India.

Do buy this Book to know more about Iran,Israel and the bloody conflicts of the Middle East.

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