Bharat Dynamics Vs Marico

Amusing to see that India’s premier missile manufacturer spends as much on research as our hair oil company.

R & D Expenses in Rs. Crores

Year Marico Bharat Dynamics
2015 19.74 22.72
2016 27.48 29.43
2017 32.55 34.71

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So either Mario is spending tooooo much or Bharat Dynamics is spending tooooo little..

Astounding and unbelievable.
It would be interesting to watch these R&D expenses as a % of sales for both the companies.

Defence industries typically spend quite a lot in R&D.

Does it not mean that Marico is spending more ? How does it compare with consumer industry in general?

They have a partnership going with DRDO – a research organization. Its good to see they spend less on research – why should they when DRDO is doing that on their behalf.

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