Bandhan Bank : A worthy rival to HDFC Bank?

Source: DRHP filings of Bandhan Bank


2 replies on “Bandhan Bank : A worthy rival to HDFC Bank?”

Figures for all new small banks looks doubtful. You cannot have a cost of funds at 7.9% and yield on advances at 21.5% with very little or no NPA. It is unfathomable. The only explanation, if the figures are corrrect, is because of sheet small size of the operations, the figures look different and do not represent reality. It is something like this when a person has to sell one bag of cement, he can sell it for even Rs. 500, but when you have to 1 million tons of cement, you can charge a premium of only Rs. 1 or 2 per bag over the closest competitor and not more than that.
Any how. Hope the figures are correct on steady basis.

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