Change of Strategy

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Cartoon and joke apart, indeed, the managers and officers in branches work in constant fear of orders from above – the internal burglars sitting in HO of these banks ordering these staff to do certain things to get their promotion, or else, to be shunted to some remote corners. Similar is the fate of IAS/IPS officers who do not toe the line with corrupt ministers.
Ultimately, the law enforcing authorities will catch only small flies. What is shocking is that, the whistleblowers complaint on a mega fraud was not investigated swiftly by our authorities – from the PMO, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, SEBI, Stock Exchanges, Registrar of Companies etc.
And the authorities will brush aside this soon, saying that this is one off issue pertaining to one bank!
Mind you, there are many poisonous snakes inside the snake-hole/ anthill!
If the govt is interested, it should investigate deep, will unearth many more similar frauds in PSU banks. There is very little operational risk framework existing in our banks.

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