Book Review : Inside the Trump White House

The Book “Fire & Fury-Inside the Trump White House’ is written by Michael Wolff and is creating waves around the world.

Written in a very gossipy style, the Book chronicles the absurd functioning of the Trump White House.

The Book delves into the different characters of the Book and their infightings in a very amusing manner and leads one to believe that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

President Trump comes across as a complete dimwit and a nutcase in the Book.Apparently, he does not read at all (except press cuttings of himself) and as such,he is influenced by the last person who speaks to him on a particular topic !

In the author’s words, “the President is possibly an idiot and certainly a liar”

The President is also fairly vindictive by nature and this leads him to take decisions which he feels will harm his opponents.

We Indians unfortunately appear to be at the receiving end of this vindictiveness.

The High Tech industry in the US was united in their contempt for Trump and supported his opponent Hillary Clinton with funds,endorsements etc

This has led Trump to wanting to screw Silicon Valley and one way he intends to do it is by stopping H1B extensions-directly impacting around 5L Indians based in the US

Another interesting facet is how Trump and his son-in-law bungled in the Middle East.By directly endorsing MBS,the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they emboldened him to seize power and put half his family in jail

One aspect of the Book I found interesting was the fear of the Trump family of the ongoing investigation of their Russian ties.The markets are probably ignoring the possibility of Donald Trump getting impeached.

Some aspects of the Book relating to American politics-their conservative,alt-right,Jewish-non-Jewish rivalries etc- may bore the Indian reader

The last word on the Book goes to President Donald Trump

Do buy this Book if you want a great insider perspective on the Trump White House

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