Charlie Munger on India

Source: Vijay Pahwa

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All true. Still this system is preferable to the Chinese system where protest can not exist. Thisv country has enough lure that despite POSCO and Singur we are progressing more than most countries. May be with the Chinese system, this progress could have been greater, but that is the price of freedom. We probably would have been better off under the British rule, so why did we struggle for independence? To be ruled by some dictator like Mao? I think the author is looking at India through a single dimension.

Everything is not about money. No surprise to see an investor make such comments.But I would rather live in a country where every voice is heard than China where all voices are muzzled or a Singapore a plutocracy which had jailed a dissident without a hearing or trial for decades.

This is Chinese way of demonizing Democracy in many countries.
The western and even Indian has started feeling Democracy creates road block in economic development.
The people believe that, in authoritative rule, the rights of people living in Singuar or Advasi in Odisa will be striped. They don’t see Authorities can come for people living Delhi/Mumbai as well and evict you out of Delhi.

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