Amit Mantri: How to defraud investors and get rich

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Super. Absolutely spot on. Holding a mirror to our investing ways! I am already seeing these traits – Time to exit I guess!

Amit you are doing a great service for the investors. After reading your 20 points I cant wait to start my own company. I will give you
2 examples of my narrow escape. Based on strong recommendation from SP Tulsian I bought 500 share of Vakrange at Rs 200 ( pre bonus) . As the price kept going up I kept on booking profits and felt bad about doing so because price kept going up and up. I think it reached 900 and Rs 500 ex bonus. I was lucky to read Tanushri Banerji’s article wondering about suspicious rise of Vakrange price. Next morning I sold the remaining quantity and then the slide started. Another is an old story about Zylog and the analyst was PN Vijay. But that story for another day.

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