Infographic: Modi’s Economic Report Card

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Like my daughter showing me her marks to tell me she got an A in PT, while hiding that she got C and D in other subjects and overall.

Good show. I mean, finding only positive list of subjects only. Failed subjects are excluded! Also, comparable parameters are ignored. Also ignored is the change in the formula used for GDP (without readjusting the past comparable numbers!).
Interestingly, the prosperity of a handful – Ambani, Adani, Ramdev etc, through selective patronage of the concerned, is missing in the report, so is farmers suicides, unemployment numbers, GST compliance mess, Demonetisation effects on small businesses, continuing corruption/harassment of SME businesses in licensing/compliance.
Missing from the report: Service tax rate increased from 12.36% to 18% – imagine how big the impact is – services cover close to 60% of our GDP.
Missing: Excise, Cess and other taxes on fuel increased significantly, and global oil price reduction (from over $100 to below $50) not passed on, subsidies withdrawn. Again a big contributor in reduction in fiscal deficit.
Missing: woeful quality of highways, only the length is considered. (visit NH75, 234 in Karnataka, just for a reality check). And as such, most highways these days are built by Toll companies through heavy tolls – it is shown as if the Govt/NHAI only is building them fully.
Missing: Reduced FDI (though FII investment in stock markets have gone up – it is flight capital which can move in any direction) etc.
Nice effort by the concerned. Kudos.

@krishnarajan…stop negativity.. appreciate selfless work for Mation.. much better than dumbo Rahul..and Gandhi dynasty

nation*. india’s bestest pm modi
…stop supporting antinationalists…be Indian jai hind

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