Prataap Snacks IPO : Munch on a 200 P/E Ratio

Hat Tip:  Divyeshbhai

One reply on “Prataap Snacks IPO : Munch on a 200 P/E Ratio”

Diabolically high PE based pricing for Pratap Snacks as well as SBI Life Insurance. To a good extent, same for ICICI Lombard issue also, though, to a slightly lesser extent.
How investors can make money, not able to understand.
Cost for leveraged IPO application for HINs is still very high taking into account the interest component.
What growth these companies would achieve in the next 12 months of listing, God only knows. And if the market corrects, all hell would break loose.
It is only because it is actually nobody’s money, it is poor hapless individual investor’s money that’s being put into.

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