Book Review: Transforming Transport

The Book ‘Transforming Transport’ is written by a Switzerland based Think Tank called W.I.R.E.

The Book consists of interviews with leading architects,car designers,writers, thinkers etc to understand how transportation will look like in the future.

Currently, more than 50% of the world’s population live in urban cities.It is just not possible for all these people to use cars for their own transport with all the attendant problems of traffic congestion,parking etc

Some studies say that around 30% of the traffic in cities is from cars searching for parking !!

The future of transportation looks then something like this:

  1. More reliance on trains/rail. One train can replace 1000 cars.We are seeing this in India with Metro projects lined up for 25 Cities
  2. More focus on auto sharing.The rise of Uber/Ola is testament to this. Most cars spend their time in parking. As per the The Royal Automobile Club, active use of cars in UK is only 3% ; 97% of the time, the car is parked-either at home or at destination. Ford has introduced a concept called GoDrive which is a pay per minute car-sharing service.
  3. Driver-less cars. In the West, there is a lot of focus on driver-less cars.Just as the very rich or hobbyists ride horses, similarly driving a car will be relegated to the fringes
  4. Move towards Electric.Fossil Fuel Cars will be phased out and the industry will move towards electric. Road technologies  exist which will charge the car as it drives on the road
  5. Cars no longer seen as a status symbol.Why should it when it will be primarily be as a way to go from Point A to Point B?
  6. Logistics industry will be comparatively unaffected as 90% of the World’s trade happens by sea.
  7. Changing Urban Landscape.More focus on walk to work/shop.Immobility-the ability not to be stuck in traffic jams-will be the real luxury
  8. Virtual travel.Instead of actually going to Paris, you can sit in the comfort of your living room and tour the Louvre !

All in all,an interesting book and am grateful to my friends at Julius Baer for sharing it.

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