Murthy’s address to shareholders

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One reply on “Murthy’s address to shareholders”

Not sure who is right or who is not. It appears from the above letter by NRN that he did not like the way the Board functioned, buttressed by ‘whistleblower’ evidence. They could not answer some questions that gave rise to serious concerns on governance ‘in the eyes of NRN’. He met with the Board and was not ‘satisfied’ with what he heard and was afraid that what he built would get destroyed. So he decided to take action by working behind the scenes and leveraging whatever authority he had.

Somehow sounds like a’transparent’ Bal Thackrey and his remote control.

But one line in the letter is most intriguing. ‘As far as I know no founder in India has left everything except culture, values and goodwill’. Did they leave their shareholding too? Did the Tatas not leave everything including their profits to the Trusts, a ‘not-for-profit’?

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