AGM Timepass Question

It is now AGM season in Mumbai with various companies conducting their AGMs.

One of the risks of attending AGMs is to undergo the torture of listening to the nonsensical and irrelevant questions of one’s fellow share holders which have no bearing on the company’s business or prospects.

Such questions are usually asked for timepass and because the questioner loves to think he has put the Management/Board in a tight spot

One such question was asked today:

“Sir, the Company has spent only 1.71 Crores out of the Rs.5.84 Crores allocated for CSR. Is this correct behavior on the company’s part?

And secondly, all the money is spent in Maharashtra.There are soooo many poor states in India, there are soooo many poor people else where, why we are not spending money on them?”

One reply on “AGM Timepass Question”

Dear Sir. I think it’s a relavant question beyond business. As an investor I’ll use it as a proxy to understand the value system of the promoters etc, as intrinsically that’s how he intends to deal with minority aspects of his business. It has no business sense, but will get to know them better.

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