Buffett Moat Vs Bezos Moat

“A Bezos Moat is premised on the idea that the customer is willingly and is frequently entering into a commercial transaction with the company because the customer is deriving more value from the transaction than he or she is paying for.  

“A Buffett Moat attempts to identify companies that will be the only one (or one of a few) available in a commercial landscape, so that the customer is, in effect, forced to transact with these companies (i.e. only bridge, only newspaper, only soft drink option).”

-from Base Hit Investing

One reply on “Buffett Moat Vs Bezos Moat”

Both the Moats are good in respective sphere of world in the sense that
Bezos wants to create a company or service ( and not invest) while Buffet wants to invest ( and does not want to create a company or service ).

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