Annual Reports

Copy Paste–Hatsun Agro Style

From 2016 Annual Report,

From 2017 Annual Report

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Not sure what you are trying to convey by this … Yes the text is taken from last year and has been modified to the current year events and plans. I don’t see any issue in that, unless you can explain more.

so what’s wrong in that although agree that no new thing mentioned in either of the reports??

This shows lack of co’s interest in communicating with shareholders and absence of creativity… they r just filling d blanks
That’s only raoji trying to communitcate i think

Hatsun may not be alone in such kind of reporting. There may be a lot number of companies doing the same thing. We probably miss such.
It of course reflects lack of creativity, shareholder concern, and callousness on the part of Management while communicating with its shareholders more particularly through BS which is a much cherished and well documented published information.

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