How to screw shareholders- ITC Version

IiAS recommends voting AGAINST ITC’s decision to pay a monthly remuneration to Yogesh Deveshwar, the company’s non-executive chairperson. IiAS believes the board structure, and the proposed remuneration, signal Yogi Deveshwar’s continuing control over the company, which undermines the recently appointed CEO Sanjiv Puri. Once Yogi Deveshwar has stepped down, he must let go.

IiAS believes the board’s recent decision to pay a monthly remuneration to Yogi Deveshwar undermines the position and responsibilities of the CEO. At an aggregate remuneration estimated at Rs.127.1 million , his remuneration is higher than 90% of CEO’s and whole-time directors of the S&P BSE 500 companies. Although Yogi Deveshwar’s proposed remuneration is in the same range as that of the CEO, Sanjiv Puri, IiASestimates that, based on the past, his remuneration – in actual terms – will be higher than that of Sanjiv Puri.

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