Nani Palkhivala’s Dream finally comes true

Nani Palkhivala was one of India’s greatest sons-a top class lawyer, speaker, writer and a foremost authority on taxation.

One of his biggest peeves was Octroi in Mumbai. In his own words: “It is the only impost which taxes the people to a tolerable extent in terms of money and to an intolerable extent in terms of time and energy.”

He gave many lectures against it and tried hard to get it scrapped….but in vain.

The BMC-Politician corruption nexus was too strong for him to break.

On 01 July, 2017…his dream finally came true.

With the rollout of GST,  octroi in Mumbai (and elsewhere) was finally abolished.

He would be smiling from the heavens.

2 replies on “Nani Palkhivala’s Dream finally comes true”

Thanks God. His well wish had been fulfilled ultimately. He may be smiling from heaven and asking us to continue our fight till its logical conclusion.

Don’t be so confident. Politicians are already active claiming that octroi secured Mumbai!

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