Portfolio of Shyam Sekhar

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here)

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Shyam Sekhar is a well known investor who invests in small caps and turn around situations

His significant portfolio holdings as on 31 March,2017 as per stock exchanges is as given below:

Company Name BSE Code Entity % Value (In Crores)
Aries Agro Ltd 532935 S. SHYAM 1.17 2.46
Electrosteel Castings Ltd 500128 S. SHYAM 1.03 11.68
Jayant Agro Organics Ltd 524330 S. SHYAM 1.13 17.71
Linc Pen & Plastics Ltd 531241 S. SHYAM 1.29 5.46
Prima Plastics Ltd 530589 S. SHYAM 2.14 6.41
Rama Phosphates Ltd 524037 S. SHYAM 1.58 2.80
Singer India Ltd 505729 S. SHYAM 2.11 5.18

6 replies on “Portfolio of Shyam Sekhar”

Surprised to see such an ace investor having invested in Aries Agro, Electrosteel castings kind of companies. It seems even highly acclaimed investors also get wrong calls.

where is LA OPALA
he said buy always and never sell in his one of the few latest interviews hardly one year back.

singer too not a gud co
track record wise..
there are people who bought sharon biotech too

APM one ace investor bought and later sold in loss too

no issue
over all the portfolio has to have many baggers

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