Opportunities for NBFCs

Source: HDB Financial Services Ltd Annual Report 2016-17

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Bees Saal Baad!
Not much different view than what I have seen, read or heard 20 years ago, post economic liberalisation policies (when I was part of the industry). Thereafter what happened to NBFCs everyone knows. When you have the government as one of the villains from time to time, even the best things can become things of the past! (In 1997, SEBI restricted merchant bankers from doing fund based activities).
Right now all is fine, but you never know whats in store – not just for NBFCs, but for everything. For example, for the nation after 1 July 2017 under the new GST…. Smooth? Normal? Chaotic?

I think the entire comparison between banking industry and NBFC is flawed. The right comparison should be between private sector banks v/s NBFC. As we all know, PUS banks have their own problems in terms of decision making, right risk assessment, collusion and what not. And that’s the principal reason of the rise of NBFC in India because PSU banks have failed to provide credit and facilities to its customers despite having widest and deepest reach and penetration in India. Private banks are not saddled with all these things and therefore comparison should be between private banks and NBFCs.

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