Book Review: Two Wise Men – Stories for Children

Two Wise Men-Stories for Children inspired from the Wit & Wisdom of Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger is written by Safal Niveshak Blogger Vishal Khandelwal and S.B. Vallari

The book  contains eleven short stories – each of which tries to convey a lesson or a message based on Buffett/Munger’s sayings.

It is written in a very simple style which a child can easily read on her own and understand.

I feel the book would be appropriate for kids aged 8-14 .

What I didn’t like about the book was the moral at the end of each story which tended to be long & preachy-could be off putting to the rebellious kids of today !

The best part is that the book is FREE and kudos to the authors for keeping it so.

Do get this book and give it to your kids as a summer reading.

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