What I learnt from Raamdeo Agrawal

Raamdeo Agrawal is the Chairman of Motilal Asset Management Company and a well known investor.

What I learnt from him: Great investors speak to other great investors about their investments

From Raamdeo Agrawal’s interview:

We did buy 5% of initially of Berkshire Hathaway initially .

The amount was small but still it was $10-15 million.

I spent one full day researching Berkshire Hathaway as an investment then I changed my role and I actually did the research

 I went and met a guy who is one of the largest holders with $3-$4 billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway stocks.

His job is only to take care of Berkshire Hathaway 24×7.

Saturday, Sunday you will get appointment to talk to him.

 I went and met with him with a help of a friend and then we discussed and we figured out that best possible growth rates cannot be more than 8-10% if you are lucky.

Then I said the gap is too much for me and so I must not put my money and then we withdraw that.

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