Gokaldas Exports gets a Year End “Pop”

One of the open secrets of the fund management business is the desire for stocks to have high prices at the year-end as this is used for measuring fund performance and hence the bonuses of the fund managers

Gokaldas Exports, which is approximately 40% owned by Blackstone, offers an amusing lesson

Yesterday, they made an announcement to the Stock Exchanges that they have uploaded a “Management Presentation” on their website.

The deck had this very interesting slide on Q4 revenues/profits…this on the last few days of Q4


The net result is that the stock has hit the upper circuit today.

Mission accomplished.

One reply on “Gokaldas Exports gets a Year End “Pop””

If SEBI has its eyes closed, will someone please help them open?
Oh sorry, its the world of the crooks, the regulator is there to make rules for the upright and disciplined!

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