Cartoon: Aditya Puri as a kid

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Dear sir,
My name is Tarif. I read your blog. They are good. I want to do day trading in stock markets. I would be greatful if you sort few queries of mine. I have studied few things about stock market like candle stick patterns, indicators,stop loss, risk to reward etc. I have done some virtual trading through platform moneybhai. But after trading for few days i could not make reasonable profits. each time I traded, I purchased shares of nifty 50 and purchased only 10 shares as they were bit costly. So I could not make profit above Rs.100. Is it because I purchased only 10 shares each time? Will I have to buy more no. Of shares to make profit? As per the little research I have done so far I have seen the maximum difference in the opening price and close price of Rs. 10. How one can make profit with so less change? Or will it move more? But it happens only at few times? If so how one can make profit regularly?

Please reply ASAP. I would be grateful.


Sir-Its v difficult to make money in day trading.My suggestion is you take some other vocation

Adiya Puri also gives a handsome return for giving him the ball and holding it securly for him. Cheers Mr Puri. Indians are proud of you. !

It is horrendous on the part of HDFC Bank to start charging for each and every service which they provide.
First they tempted you to open your account with them by offering you lots of freebies including waiver of so many charges.
Now, once you are accustomed to their banking style, they want to charge for each and every thing.
The cartoon aptly depicts what HDFC Bank is doing today.

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