How HDFC Bank cheats its customers

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HDFC Bank has always been like this. Its charges are very high and customer treatment is also bad to shabby. They have more ‘RMs’ than the number of persons manning various ‘operations counters’ (which basically deal in cash/cheque and other banking services) at all the branches. Simply put, they believe that their earnings from ‘other income’ should be high and higher always because they think that their core banking operations earnings is secure and that there is a limit to their earning core banking operations.
I think customers should take up the issues with the ombudsman for the resolution of their grievances. Though it is a different matter that I would be surprised if we get a real resolution on the ground in reality because it is a very shrewd bank and knows about to camouflage customers grievances under some garb and glib talk and get over these small issues.


Close your HDFC account and take your business elsewhere, state reason for closing account as Dissatisfaction with services. I urge all those who are affected to take this decision. The longer you delay, the bolder HDFC will get.

Well..guys thank your starts..till now HDFC treated you well…about 6 years my office ..from my colleague s HDFC account amount was deducted for some Genaral insurance with out his consent ???
Few days later another colleagues sister account was debited for same reason…
Well..whenever they need revenues I think they indulge in such unethical practices …They boast about being best Pvt sector bank..with consistent returns to shareholders and Indian and foreign shareholders are never tired of buying its shares.
Unfortunately RBI here becomes IRDA…such fradulant practices under their nose…and banks take small account holders for a ride….shame RBI has got reputation of having …Rajan , Subba Rao and many other people who have supposedly walked alone and not with Govt. But somehow they walk with these banks…and turn a blind eye..whenever customers are charged wrongly or wrongly sold insurance products…This is consistently happening since 10-12 years…

i was fleeced same way….how to de-register it? can’t seem to find that option.
Thanks anyway

I got mine reversed after pointing out this thread and the amount of negative publicity the bank was garnering. The RM visited my residence and apologized for this behavior and promised to reverse it, which happened.

But guess what? I again get a mail in may saying they will charge me 100+ taxes and I have to opt out. I opted out.

Hdfc is a cheaters bank .they are lotting money from his customers.
They charge me 500 rs for not sufficient balance in my account while I have 9400 at my account and when I saw them my statment they told me it’s computer but they also charge me 115 for statment.
Try to close account with hdfc

I think HDFC Bank has become arrogant and over confident of its success in the market place. It gives the worst of the services and the charges are extremely exorbitant. Customer treatment is definitely shabby. Other private banks like ICICI Bank , etc. are saddled with their NPA problems, and therefore HDFC Bank is boasting for its success. I think Kotak, Yes, etc would give a tough competition to HDFC Bank in the time to come.

So we have to be very cautious while dealing with banks. The youngsters needs more and more cautious because they do not report small amount deduction and ignore them as one time petty issues. Thanks.

hdfc sends messages that so and so amount will be deducted from credit card but without any particulars .pls avoid this fraudulent bank

Recently I have taken loan from HDFC bank Jaipur on 01.08.2018. But I got surprised at the time of disbursement of loan when my account is debited by Rs.200000/- when I inquire then it was explained that it for the Insurance of Directors. The policy issued by Bharti Axa life. The policy is given to us without our consent and without explaining the fact to us. We have written to HDFC Bank and Bharti Axa with in 15 day to cancel the policy but no response are being given. Today I took a number of RM Mr Mrinal who told me that if you want to cancel the policy then pls repay the entire loan of HDFC Bank . The terms of condition of the loan is that if loan is repaid with in 1 year 4% penalty of total loan amount will be recovered by the Bank. Thus it is total cheating by HDFC Bank either pay the Insurance premium amount of Rs,2 Lakh or Pay the penalty of Rs.6 Lakh.

I am going to make complaint against HDFC Bank with RBI, Banking Lokpal and IRDA.

I had submitted my account closure application on 23rd March 2014 to Mr Kishan Garg at Jaipur after that I reminded them again and again even to higher officials but till now they are sending me account statements which makes me understand that my account is still not been closed

really fraud practices by HDFC bank. This commercial private bank has become very high headed and arrogant. They assign Relation ship managers without my request and these guys are useless. My RM has not been able to help me or resolve any of my issues.

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