This is what a bull run feels like

The initial public offer (IPO) of Avenue Supermarts, the owner of DMart, which is likely to be floated in the next few weeks, is expected to command a valuation of  18,000 crore, much higher than the earlier expectation of `7,000 crore

According to sources, domestic fund houses are queuing up to meet the company management, which has already conducted roadshows overseas. “I am hearing that the management is very selective in the kind of investors it wants to attract and hence is not giving meetings easily ,“ said an analyst with a leading insurance company .-from ET

One reply on “This is what a bull run feels like”

If the management differentiate investors, there should be something to hide. The management may be creating artificial scarcity to get higher valuation. Let the chicks come out after the IPO is conducted successfully.

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