How is a Super Top-Up policy different from Mediclaim?

The health of an individual is one of the most important aspects of a long and fulfilling life. But there is no guarantee that eating right and exercising will ensure a healthy life. Apart from healthy living, one should also ensure that there is a comprehensive health insurance to cover any sudden expenses that arise due to illness or an accident. Life is unpredictable, and it can take any turn.

The rise in medical costs has made it necessary for every individual to have a health or mediclaim insurance plan. A health insurance plan provides a cover in times of medical illness and accidents. Most of the times we make a mistake of ignoring a personal health cover. The health insurance provided by the employer is not sufficient to provide for the medical and health expenses of an individual.

A personal health insurance provides for an individual based on the policy and premium opted. A mediclaim will reimburse the hospitalisation and medical expenses due to an illness or a sudden accident. Further, a mediclaim and a super top-up policy can work along with one another. That is, if you have a mediclaim, you can also purchase a super top-up policy to get a complete cover. 

A super top-up policy comes into play when you have utilised the threshold amount in your policy. The super top-up mediclaim policy will give you a cover after you have exceeded the limit on your mediclaim. This means you get an additional cover without having to spend a huge sum on the same. This particular amount is known as a deductible amount and the insurance company that will reimburse your claim is liable to do so only after you have utilised the existing limit of your policy.

Thus, a reimbursement in the case of a super top-up plan will only occur once the entire threshold limit is crossed. There is a difference between a top-up and a super top-up policy. In the case of a top-up plan, the claim amount is considered individually. Whereas in the case of a super top-up plan, the claim amount is aggregated. This simply means that a total of all your medical claims will be considered before the claim is accepted. It helps to bridge the gap between the top-up plans and a mediclaim.

The biggest advantage of a super top-up plan is the additional cover it provides at no huge expenses. It provides a high end health cover without having to spend a huge sum over it. It is an independent policy that helps you cover all the additional expenseswhen the mediclaim cover is exhausted. Once you exhaust your specific limit of the policy, the super top-up will come into play.

It is an ideal move to purchase a super top-up for yourself, to ensure a complete risk cover and also gain reimbursement of your medical expenses. Depending on your age and medical history, you can make your choice for the type of policy you require. And based on the policy you choose, you can buy a super top-up plan. Like the name suggests, a super top-up plan will be an added benefit for your health and will work as a top-up once your existing limit has been utilised.

It is not mandatory to have a regular insurance plan to be eligible for  asuper top-up plan. You can purchase a super top-up independently from any insurance company. It is important to learn the terms and conditions of the super top-up plans and also learn about the deductible amount offered by the companies. Higher the deductible amount, lower is the premium for your plan.

Super top-up plans are also available for an individual as well as a family floater plan. Further, one can also purchase super top-up plans for senior citizen individuals. It provides a vast coverage on health and ensures that the claim amount is easily reimbursed.

It makes sense to purchase a super top-up plan when the existing limit on your policy islow. The reimbursement of hospitalization expenses ensures that you can get the best treatment from the best hospitals and do not have to spend all your savings on the same. A top-up plan will provide you with the best medical facility and reimburse the amount with ease. Super top-up plans are best suited for senior citizens because of the frequency of health issues and illnesses. It is a smart move to purchase a super top-up plan independently on all policies so that one can get a reimbursement for the amount spent over and above the threshold limit of your policy.


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