PMS Sarthi Capital’s 2016 Returns

Source: SEBI filings for AcePro Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

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Very Good performance indeed. May I have the opportunity to look at their present portfolio and also their portfolio as on 1st march 2016.

Their website shows atleast 6 different PMS strategies. Does the SEBI filing indicate which particular strategy are these returns for? If not, doesn’t this give room to the fund manager to cherry pick the best performers in each year vs. the actual portfolio returns?

The SEBI filings is for “Performance of Portfolio manager as on month end in % (On weighted
average basis for all clients)”

The performance is astounding in the lackluster market in the calendar year 2016. If AcePro has given a return of 24% in this market, hats off to them. However, they have 6 such schemes and therefore it is not possible to understand which scheme has given such fantastic returns. In fact, to my knowledge, no PMS or MF or any such combination including commodities also has given such a profound returns.

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