PMS Alchemy Capital’s 2016 Returns

Source:  SEBI filings for Alchemy Capital Management Pvt. Ltd

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Is it for real figures.
Because they all look same for the other PMS report card also which you published two days back.

Not doubting at all, but it is funny to note that the calendar year returns are roughly the same for major PMS Schemes.

Dear Raoji, it will be good if we can publish a performance report of say 15 top PMS. Like how we have ample data on MF Performance, is there a place where we can track PMS performances?

Thanks for sending us various PMS returns.
Please get us returns of Samir Arora’s Helios Capital PMS and Akash Prakash’s Amansa Capital PMS.

Thanks and Regards

The funds that you mentioned are foreign funds and do not come in the PMS category

I invested a big sum in Alchemy Diversified fund on April 18 2017. Now after three months and the markets hitting record highs every day , my investment is like 5% less.

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