Ruchir Sharma:Top Trends of 2017

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Ha ha. All research oriented intellectuals generally predict/theorize to the negative side more because it gets more eyeballs/mind space.
Even Saurabh Mukherjj from Ambit Capital has also made some such kind of horrible predictions about future.
Whether these events would happen or not , one can see only through hindsight. Let’s wait for the time to come.

Cant disagree with the analyst much. Whatever he has said, he did with diplomacy, with softer words! Things could go nasty!

Kamal Garg: True, agree that a few people on this earth point out the negatives and the world of optimists (followed by larger world of herds) ignores them. Same thing happened when Raghuram Rajan (and just a few others) gave hints of the 2007-08 sub-prime crisis and recession, as early as in 2005 – but unregulated FIs managed to kick the can down the road for a while, but could not prevent it. When it happened, it crashed.
In reality, there are many negatives, but the governments of the world wanting to prove their positive performances, and a big part of the media (some call it the paid, commercial media) aligned to it tries to paint an artificial, positive picture. That helps in delaying the inevitable, but not preventing it. When actually the trouble comes, it comes big, like it happened in 2008 and a few times in the past. As you said, only hindsight can tell us!
Rather than plug a problem at its infancy, our governments and regulators like to kick the can down the road. One example is the low interest rate phenomena in US without much control on such funds chasing emerging markets rather than used within US (resulting in standstill economy for such a long period).

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