Book Review: The CRISIL Story


This is the feeling I had after finishing reading “The Crisil Story” By Hemanth Gorur and Sumit Chowdhury

I am fond of CRISIL as I started my career in India at Nirlon House,Mumbai where CRISIL used to be head quartered.

If only I had bought CRISIL stock then,I would be chillaxing in the Bahamas !

Anyways,this book is a disappointment as it does not justice to the CRISIL story.

Setting up an independent ratings agency without any international collaboration is a humongous achievement.Starting from scratch to the heights it has reached today is a story of Indian ingenuity,grit,integrity and intelligence

Yet the authors fail to capture the drama and the excitement of this story.

Instead,the book is a tedious read with a hagiographic account of the events that transpired.

Hopefully, some one else will come along who can write a better book on CRISIL.

Till that time,we will have to make do with this one.

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