Book Review: A Feast of Vultures

“In India, everyone has a price”

This is the central premise of the book “A Feast of Vultures-The Hidden Business of Democracy in India” by Josy Joseph

The author proves this point by quoting a variety of examples-
-How stenographer R K Dhawan owns a bungalow in posh Delhi’s Jor Bagh

-How Congress typist  Vincent George owns multiple properties

-How Sudhir Choudhrie and Suresh Nanda manipulated defense deals

-How a Army Chief took bribes

-How Naveen Jindal destroyed the environment

-How Mukesh Ambani usurped an orphanage property to build his house and so on.

The most startling revelation in the book is that the author alleges that Jet Airways Boss Naresh Goyal gave a ‘supari’ to the Dawood Ibrahim gang to get rival East West Airlines owner Wahid killed.

Reading this book fills one with despair on how India works-with its middlemen,corruption, ruthless industrialists,rapacious politicians,thieving bureaucrats etc

One flaw in the book is that the author’s leftist,pro-AAP and anti-Modi biases are obvious.Also,the narrative is a bit meandering which could have used a tighter editorial control.

Read this book to know how our country really works

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Biased sure and there’s no human being without bias. Bias by itself is not a flaw, unless there is an objective measure of what is right and what is wrong and measured against it.

And that is the flaw…your biases lead you away from objectivity and to a “magical thinking” place

Thanks Raoji for two things. One, for posting a story, a few days ago, that showed big people like Warren Buffet read at least a book a week. I had resolved to do the same this new year!
And two, for introducing this book to your audience. I did not know about it before. Though we know you have a pro-Modi bias (nothing wrong!), you still published this, that’s why, thank you.
Because the title and your introduction provoked me, I ordered the book immediately on Amazon. When I started reading it (not finished it), I was amazed at the depth of the author’s knowledge – real and practical, plus his superior writing style. As an insider of what is/was happening behind doors, perhaps there isn’t a better person to write this book; yes, we all have been agonised and frustrated by the very same things mentioned in this book, that have deprived our nation and its people – the evil intentions, or the greed, or plain simply, a clear lack of concern for fellow human beings exhibited by the elite class. And due to our biases, we refuse to accept the reality. The author however has risen above the typical Indian lethargy and has published his experiences, with evidences.
We all knew what goes on behind the scenes, but had no guts to write it. The author should be complemented for what he has done, despite the strongest influences, force, duress or even, death threats. Some choose what is right and what is wrong based on who did it. But for this author, and a growing number of youth and adults of this country now starting to realise that a wrong is a wrong, no matter who did it. Whether it was a top ranker in an IAS exam (now a vulture) or the leader of a party whom we had voted in the past (who hoodwinks the people to hide the fact that he/she is a similarly feasting vulture too).
About biases, I too am biased, biased for the good of this country, biased against the feasting vultures eating away my taxes and selling the nation, piece by piece. And I find the author quite similarly biased. I could not find any other bias.
It appears a long journey of a thousand miles has just started, of increasing awareness of feasting vultures and depleting democratic values… But the hapless prey may still have to wait long to get relief.

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