New Year Resolution

Came across this amazing nugget about Bill Gates:

One of the things that is great about Bill is that he takes time to read. He usually reads at least one non-fiction book each week. Here is the richest man in the world, who can allocate his finite time to any activity he wants, and the best thing he can think to do with his time is sit in a chair and read.

When people think about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, maybe they think of wild beach parties in Bali. However, sitting in a chair and reading a good book is also part of the lifestyle of the more intelligent of the rich and famous. And I can partake of the lifestyle of the rich and famous simply by buying a book and sitting in an easy chair and reading.

Why don’t I read more? Is it because of the cost of books? No. The amount of time I spend reading is limited primarily by my willingness to allocate time to that activity.

My mom lives in a retirement community. She brings a kindle with her when she has to stand on line in the cafeteria so she can read while she waits to reach the steam tables. She asked another person on line why he was just waiting without doing anything else. The man replied, “What does it matter? I’m retired. I have all the time in the world.”

My mom responded, “What do you mean? You’re in your 80’s. You don’t have much time at all.”-wrote Ken Caldeira


I have taken heart from this and have resolved to read a non-fiction book every week this year.

Hope I stick to the New Year Resolution !

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Its okay. You don’t need to abide by this as you anyway read much more than 1 book in a week 🙂 Welcome back, was missing my daily dose.

thats good…reading helps us go for diverse angles of thoughts…the very feel that we are reading and staying updated give us hope and confidence …
mom may also think that life may begin at 80 for some people..

Hey Rao ji,
Happy New year to you..
Love your blog post links… You read 1000 articles and select 10 special articles for us each day… every day…
Was missing the posts since last few days~~

Happy New Year Raoji !! Even we(blog readers) can also benefit from your new year resolution, as you share your reviews on the books read by you !! So its a win-win for all.

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