How to convert a CEO into a stenographer?

Answer: Make him a Director on a Tata Company Board !

Bhaskar Bhat,MD of Titan, is hugely respected in the industry for his professionalism and integrity.

He also serves on the Board of Tata Chemicals where the following incident took place:

Tata Chemicals Board Meeting appears to have been a dramatic affair. A handwritten note was circulated by Bhaskar Bhat, a director on the board of Tata Chem, asking Mistry not to chair the board meeting.

Bhat instead asked Wadia to chair it. “Bhat was asked by the board to move a formal resolution for removal of Mistry since he was appointed by the board. Bhat refused. He insisted his note be taken on record. But he refused to sign the handwritten note,” said a person close to an independent director.

“The directors told him, ‘This is an unsigned piece of paper dictated to you. You (Bhat) are just the stenographer. If you feel so strongly about what you have submitted, then move a resolution’,” said the person quoted earlier.-from ET

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