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Sensex Exit Candidates FY16-25

Source:Ambit Research


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You must also publish what is the “entry” of companies by 2025. It includes companies like Flipkart, LIC, Paytm and HDFC Life. Whether this happens or not remains to be seen.
Same Ambit also came out with a very depressing real estate scenario in India and reported that the real estate prices would come down by more than 25 to 30% so as to justify “rental yield theory”. This “rental yield theory” is more appropriate and relevant for mature economies like US and does not have meaning for a very fast growing and aspiring economy like India.
On another occasion, there was a sharp difference of opinion about Sensex level between two top and eminent directors/consultant working with Ambit.
I think we should stop giving much credence to much of the theories put out by Ambit.

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