Don’t roll the dice

I keep getting calls from friends regarding investments.

Nearly all of them want that one stock pick on which they can Bet Big (aka all their life savings) and wait for the money to roll in.

My advice to them is the same as what Katusa writes:

Successful investing is a marathon.

It’s not a sprint.

Building long-term wealth for your family comes down to regularly making intelligent decisions that provide a good balance between capital growth and capital safety.

It does not come down to rolling the dice and “going big” on a single stock. 

But frankly nobody is interested in listening to sensible advice !

5 replies on “Don’t roll the dice”

I hear a lot of conversation in office with colleaguess reagarding which LIC POLICY to buy? I disagree & suggest them to take Term Insurance & invest remaining in MF’s/Shares. The moment I say the work ‘SHARES’, they give a serious look at me.

After some time I simply stopped saying this (or giving free advises) & saved myself 🙂

very true and good advice. I have realised with experience and not by listening to others. but better late than never.

where is the sense in this advice ?

the single market is also as much as the risk of the single stock .
advice is risk-free that is why it is coming from all the corners.
facebook/twitter/ blog are also free that is also the one of the reason.

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